Surely, he would stop

There was the post about Tornado E becoming a budding Casanova.  It was pushed aside for . . .

There was the post of Tornado E shaving his head.  It was pushed aside for . . .

There was the post where I nearly preformed an exorcism on Tornado E this morning.  It was pushed aside for . . .

I was outside holding Tornado A, talking with my 80 year-old, retired airforce officer neighbor, when Tornado S came prancing out of the house, down the drive-way in socks and his Ghostbuster t-shirt that he had pulled his arms inside the shirt.

Me: Tornado S.  Go inside and put on your pants.

Tornado S: I don’t know where they are!  They’re lost!  Forever!


The neighbor (chuckling): You must have to do a million things a minute, Fae.

Me: Yes.  Well, I’ve got to get Him inside.  Have a good afternoon.

The neighbor: You too, dear.

I walked down the driveway to where Tornado S was dancing.  I took his hand and led him up the drive way.

Me: Rules are rules, dude.  You are direct violation of Penis Rule #3.  No running outside nude.

Tornado S: I thought that was Rule #2.

Me: No, that is keep your hands to yourself and don’t touch other people’s privates.  (Which is violated often in this household.)

I walked into the house, released Tornado S, placed Tornado A down with some toys, went and found some new underwear for Tornado S.  I returned to the room, just in time to see Tornado S sprinting out the door to the garage.  I dropped the underwear and strolled after Tornado S because surely he’ll stop at the end of the driveway.

I walk out of the garage to see Tornado S sprinting down the street.

I couldn’t call out.  I couldn’t yell his name.  I couldn’t command him to stop, to come back.  I couldn’t use The Voice.

Because if I opened my mouth, I would have doubled over in laughter.

As it was, little bits of laughter were escaping my tightly closed lips.  I started to walk because I couldn’t run with laughter bubbling inside me.

Of course when he was three houses down, I realized I had to kick it into high gear.  I ran at full speed after the little streaker.  I wondered when was the last time I ran at full speed and realized it was nice to stretch my muscles.  Then I passed Tornado S, turned around, scooped him up, threw him over my shoulder.  I walked home.

The neighbor: (laughing) Fae, my dear, I think the young man is an exhibitionist.

Me: Unfortunately, all my boys are.

At least it makes life more entertaining.


4 Responses to “Surely, he would stop”

  1. Gibby Says:

    The penis rules are back!!!! 😉

  2. kloppenmum Says:

    Our three boys are constantly naked. And outside. Keeps the neighbours away from their tv screens, anyway. Our little bit for the mental health of the street.

  3. jc Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I needed that tonight.

  4. faemom Says:

    Gibby~ It’s all for you.
    kloppenmum~ It’s nice to know someone else is contributing to the entertainment of their neighborhood.
    jc~ My pleasure!

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