Recap 2/25

1. Holy crap!  It’s the end of February.

2. The best thing about a baby crawling is seeing that face poke around the corner and beam at you.

3. The worst thing about a baby crawling is he gets into Ev.Er.Y.Thing.  As in: Who left out the Lego head?  Who’s ninja is this?  Pick up that little tiny pirate compass before your brother eats it.  Who dropped coins and didn’t pick them up?!  (Oh, wait.  I think that was me.)

4. Nothing like a bleeding cut on your nose to remind you to cut a baby’s fingernails.

5. Some moms, when they don’t get out and away from the children enough, giggle like school girls at the heady feeling of freedom and being in a bar.  Which brings down the cool factor.  At least it became equal when the other two moms had their third drinks

6. I’m starting to suspect Tornado E is possessed.  I need a couple of gallons of holy water.

7. Something in a kid’s brain hears “Don’t touch” as “Please touch.”  Don’t touch the cookies.  Don’t touch that rock.  Don’t touch that cactus.  Don’t touch that.  Don’t touch my bottom.

8. Tornado S only needs to learn three more letters to finish off the alphabet.  As long as he can say it before pre-kinder, I’m still good, right?

9. I’ve been so busy that not only did I didn’t read my usual blogs this week, I’ve learned the book that I checked out and haven’t read in two weeks is a week overdue, and yes, they did send me a reminder notice to my email a week ago, which I didn’t find until last night.

10. I’m becoming quite impressed with my own ability to fake optimism and mornings.

2 Responses to “Recap 2/25”

  1. Gibby Says:

    Number 6 made me spit my coffee out! I’ll send you a gallon of holy water.

  2. faemom Says:

    Gibby~ Thank you. I knew I could count on you.

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