Recap 3/18

1. Today Tornado E is dressed like a witch, head to toe, complete with the hat.

2. Tornado S has dragged himself around the house, saying “Brains.  Brains.  Brains.”

3. Tornado A is a vampire.  He bites.  Then he smiles.

4. So what does that make me?

5. I really should get the oil change in the SUV, but I don’t want to go to grown-up time out with the boys.

6. Last weekend, I had two afternoons off from parenting.  And it was delightful.

7. Right now, I’m debating whether I should check out on the crying/screaming coming from the shut door of the boy’s room, where they are supposed to be “resting.”

8. We have been without satellite for a week.  I could really use that big yard now.

9. After an hour-long debate, I realized I cannot go back to a plain, regular cell phone, now that I have a cell phone.  I.  Cannot.  Do.  It.

10. I don’t miss sleep much, when I’m staying up for the right reason.

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