Recap 3/25

1. Teacher conferences today: If Tornado E can’t do it perfectly the first time, there’s no sense of doing it at all.  Yup, sounds like my boy.

2. I was salivating over 45 minutes to myself to have fate cruelly take it away.  Stupid, fate.

3. There’s always tomorrow.

4. I’m a pretty laid back mom.  Like when I let Tornado A crawl around on the ground, dragging an apple core from another kid, and then I allow him to eat it.  In front of the other moms at school  Yup, laid back.

5. Or when I sat him down on the gym floor with 25 kids running around throwing balls and frisbees, and he crawled to his adventurous heart was content without looking back once.  Until he wanted to come back.  Then Tornado A turned around, saw me, and beelined it back to me.

6. Tornado S believes his smile will get his way.  Always.  Except it doesn’t work on me.  He hasn’t figured that out yet.

7. Apparently no one wants to show a rental without it being vacant.  I’m on the list to see four rentals in the next two weeks.

8. I feel the compulsion to justify my expenses.  It’s sick and annoying.  I need to stop that.

9. There’s a reason I don’t wear cute clothes.  The reason is baby vomit.

10. Being good at and liking to bake is a blessing and a curse.

2 Responses to “Recap 3/25”

  1. Ink Says:

    HA HA HA! #9 = funniest thing I read all day.

  2. zeemaid Says:

    It comes from having more than one kid… the whole laid back attitude. If we weren’t laid back… we’d explode. 😉

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