Words, words, words

A debate rages on in the household.  Over Tornado A’s first word.

Tornado E’s first word was dada.  Tornado S’s was mama.  Tornado A had to be the tie breaker.

Tornado A said mama first.  But I didn’t mention it to his father because of the separation and wanting his father to have his own joy of hearing a first word.

But after a week, Tornado A had not said his word in front of his father.  After a week, Tornado A said dada.  So his father believes that dada is Tornado A’s first word, and nothing I say will dissuade him from that belief, which he is vocalizing as gospel truth.

But then there is the baby book.  She who fills out the baby book, records history.

2 Responses to “Words, words, words”

  1. D Says:

    My first word was the Italian word for bread haha..

    I agree, the one who fills out the baby book is the recorder of history.. and clearly he said mama first.

  2. rakster Says:

    🙂 🙂 loving the last word.

    History can be rewritten whichever way you choose. right or wrong, it’s true…

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