A typical Sunday

Where does the day start?

At 12:30 AM when I finally forced myself to bed?

At 1:20 to 3:30 Am when Aidan was alternating screaming his head off and dozing?

At 6:15 when Aidan was whining from his bed?

6:15 Get Aidan out of the crib, feed him pain medication, feed him breakfast of bananas and toast that he will smear all over the high chair instead of eating. 

6:25 Sean stumbles out.  Put out breakfast for the boys, milk and day old blueberry muffins.  Tell Aidan to stop whining because you’ll be back.

6:30 Evan stumbles out.

6:45 Get Aidan out of high chair, wipe him off.  Swallow a bowl of cereal.

7:15 Dress Aidan.  Encourage older children to get dressed.

7:43 Save Aidan from rocking chair.  Ask boys why they aren’t dressed.

8:00 Shower.  Dress.  Save Aidan from mountain of stuffed animals.  Ask boys why they aren’t dressed.  Point out they can solve their own problems.

8:10 Try to bribe older boys to get dressed.

8:20 Morning nap for Aida.  Cartoons for boys.  Morning nap for me.

9:30 Aidan is up.  So am I.  The older boys are still alive and relatively unharmed.

9:45 Make meringue cookies.  Start debating baking dessert for the week.  Ask Sean where his underwear is.

10:00 Save Aidan from the rocks in the back yard.  Make him spit out the rock in his mouth.  Learn the boys have emptied the sand box and that it has water from the rain.

10:03 Strip beds.  Put sheets in the wash.

10:39 Evan learns to climb his bed without a ladder.

10:45 Save Sean from the top of his dresser.

10:46 Save Aidan from mountain of stuffed animals.

11:00 Pizza nuked for the boys.  Cheese, raisins, hard-boiled yolks for Aidan.

11:10 Put sheets in the dryer.  Debate doing my sheets.  Aidan starts to whine.

11:30 Get Aidan out of the high chair.

11:33 Remove slice of pizza from Aidan’s hand.

11:34 Remind older boys that Aidan will eat what they don’t.

11:45 Learn that the wagon is filled with water, sand, and mud.  And that Aidan found it.

11:50 Learn that the older boys can survive 50s in only a shirt and underwear.

12:00 Aidan starts loosing it.  Give Aidan pain medication.

12:05 Aidan’s afternoon nap.

12:15 Lunch for me.

12:30 Clean up kitchen.  Encourage boys to get dressed so they can help bake or do crafts.

12:40 Pretend I’m somewhere else.

12:45 Mess around online and look for new dessert recipes.  Older boys have a wet sand fight. 

1:00 Find new recipe. 

1:10 Start recipe only to hear Aidan screaming.

1:10 Aidan will not be consoled.  Aidan must be carried.

1:15 Agree to let the boys make a potion.  Obviously I was not thinking. 

1:30 Bake while alternating holding Aidan and placing him on the floor to scream.  Realize the boys are too quiet but don’t care at that moment.

2:03 Learn what making a potion really is.  Demand that boys clean up bathroom.

2:07 Try to make beds.  Hold Aidan instead.

2:30 Take out cupcakes out of oven.  Console a screaming Aidan.

2:45 Aidan is content to play with a ball.  Tell boys that we’re leaving in 15 minutes.  Attempt to make beds, which makes Aidan scream.

3:00 Sean is naked.  Evan has clothes on but no shoes.  Aidan is screaming.

3:05 Pack up Aidan.  Drag Evan to the car without shoes and tie.  Buckle him in.  Sean hands over underwear and pants.  Dress those clothes on Sean.  Buckle Sean in the car.

3:30 Grab rest of the clothes.  Go to parents’.

3:45 Carry Sean into parents’ house and hand him over.  Carry Evan into parents’ house and hand him over.  Carry Aidan into parents’ house and hand him over.  Go back to car for stuff.  Debate fleeing to Mexico.

4:00 Feed Aidan late.  Hand Aidan back to my dad.

4:30 Read the paper.

5:15 Hand Aidan to my mom.  Help with dinner.

5:45 Dinner.

6:25 Wonder if parents would relieze if I left the boys with them. 

6:45 Pack up boys.

7:00 Dress Aidan.  Feed Aidan.

7:15 Put Aidan to bed.

7:20 Draw bath for boys.  Dump them in.

7:40  Bark orders to get the boys dressed for bed.

7:50 Read bedtime story, prayers, and lullybye. kisses.

8:00 Boys are officially in bed.

8:01 Crash on the couch.

9:30 Clean kitchen and great room.

10:30 Write menu, chores list, grocery list, rental list, email and bum around on the internet.

When would you say Monday starts?


9 Responses to “A typical Sunday”

  1. estherlou Says:

    Ugh. Brought back memories I thought I’d forgotten! LOL Almost glad grandkids live out of state.

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    You have *got* to get to bed earlier! I can’t imagine coping with all that and going to bed late…

  3. easylifestyles Says:

    Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do.

    Fun Family Activities

  4. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Your moment at 12:40? It would have occurred for me at about 8am. xoxo

  5. faemom Says:

    estherlou~ But then I hear, you can give grandkids back. No one is willing to take mine.
    Karyn~ I have reasons to stay up late . . . .
    easylifestyles~ Thanks.
    TKW~ I should try that! Maybe if I walk around in my own fantasy world, I could get by easier.

  6. Elastamom Says:

    Awww….motherhood. Gotta love it.

  7. beckyyk Says:

    I am impressed.

  8. faemom Says:

    Thanks. But if you notice there are whole gaps where I don’t even know what the bigger boys were up to; hence, the potion and the bathroom incident.

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