I’m starting to second guess how early babies talk.  Or my kid is a genius.  Or babies really do talk earlier than we imagine.

Two weeks ago, I was grocery shopping with Sean and Aidan, rambling on with some grocery monologue.

Me: . . . And now we’re going to get some parmesan.

Aidan: Parmesan.

Me: That’s right.  Parmesan.  It’s a tasty cheese we put on pasta- Wait!  What did you say?!

Aidan just beamed at me.  I’m sure it happened.

Last week, Evan was playing with his Star Wars characters.  Aidan spotted him and crawled over with record speed.  He used Evan to pull himself up.

Aidan: Brozzzzer!

Me: Brother!

Wait!  Did he do it again?!

Three days ago, we were at my parents’ house, and Aidan wanted my mom’s plant.  He reached out to grab a leaf.

My mom: No!  Not your pretty.  Nana’s pretty.  (Nana because my mom is desperate for a nickname.)

Aidan: (grinning) Yeah.

My mom: No!

Aidan: Yeah!

My mom: No!

Aidan: Yeah!

My mom: Fae, listen to this.  No!

Aidan: Yeah!

Holy crap.

Then yesterday, Aidan fell down and said Uh-oh. 

It’s like all those parenting books are BS.

It also looks like I have another talker in the family.  God, we’re not quiet.


6 Responses to “Talking?!”

  1. Kristin Brænne Says:


  2. d, the undomestic housewife Says:

    Aww.. how cute! How old is he now? Both of my nieces were early talkers — and still talk non-stop, lol.

  3. jc Says:

    Let me know when he yells PHUCK! like auntie jc! Did you know that the Carlin crowd is highly verbally creative? For real!

  4. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    We’ve had one speak in full sentences by 18 months of age (that other people could understand) and another who was speaking fully at 2 and a half. The Butterfly is a bit slower off the mark (thank-goodness) but understands everything. I keep telling myself the world needs articulate men…but some days I’m not that convincing!

  5. Zeemaid Says:

    awww that’s so cute. I love it when they are learning to talk and of course, your baby is a genius!!!

  6. Fie upon this quiet life Says:

    It’s awesome when babies start talking. My baby is saying “quack quack” to every bird he sees. Uh-oh has been uttered at all the food thrown on the ground. Cracks me up. I love his little voice. Hurray for babies talking!!

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