10 Things about my mom

It’s Mother’s Day, so I decided to write a few things about my mom.

1. She hates her given name.  I think it’s pretty.

2. She never dressed my brothers or I alike; we can thank my grandma for the torturous years of dressing my mom and her sister in matching clothes.

3. My mom is an excellent cook, and no matter how I try to compete, she’s better.

4. She’s an amazing cake decorator.  Those skills are not genetic.

5. She’s worn glasses since the third grade.  She hates glasses.  She did not pass down those genes either.

6. She is nice.  She lets Tornado E watch SpongeBob Squarepants.  (-written by Tornado E)

7. My mom loves chocolate in all ways, except with fruit.  She hates chocolate and fruit together.

8. She hates peas and all green beans.  As a kid, she used to swipe them under the table because she had to sweep after dinner as part of her chores.

9. My mom is fearless with carnival rides and most things her sons brought home.  But show her a roach, and she screams like a little girl.  None of us kids got that phobia.

10. She loves being a grandma, happy to kidnap the boys and feed them M&M cookies, just like her own grandma.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there.

Yup, that’s my mom


4 Responses to “10 Things about my mom”

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief Says:

    My mum used to dress my sister and I in the same things, a tartan pinafore at a family wedding springs to mind! I vow never to do the same to my own children when they arrive!

  2. Ink Says:

    Awww, that’s so sweet! Happy Mother’s Day to you AND your Mom.

    Tell Evan he is a good blogger.

  3. jc Says:

    Your mom did a great job with you!

    SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!11!!111!1111!1!!!!! (-screamed by jc)

  4. Elastamom Says:

    She sounds awesome!!!

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