The post that almost wasn’t

Yesterday was Tornado S’s birthday, and Saturday we are throwing his first friends party, people he wants there, not just people we are obligated to invite (and they are obligated to come).  All morning I was composing a post to discuss how I feel like I’m short-changing Tornado S, and then ten minutes ago, I started shredding the post.

Post: I feel like I’m short-changing Tornado S on his birthday.  I really am not putting in as much effort as I do for Tornado E’s parties.

Me: Tornado S’s easy-going.  He’s not going to notice.  And last year, you pulled off Tornado E’s party in just over a week, pulling your ass out of a tail-spin of depression to do it.

Post: Tornado E’s parties always had themes with matching food and treats.  Tornado S has picked Bowser from Mario Brothers.  What kind of theme is that?

Me: Admit it, you like themes so you can impressed the moms with egg rolls for Kung Fu Panda and Caribbean fruits for pirates.  It’s all about you not them.  Tornado S just cares if there’s cake.  Since grandma is making a Bowser cake, we’re all set.  Who knows what Bowser eats?  The bones of plumbers who fail to rescue his favorite princess.  How about peaches?  Millions of peaches!

Post: So I’m stuck on snacks and games that fit the Bowser theme.

Me: Snacks.  Covered.  Cake and peaches.  Ok, and watermelon and . . . .   So we need to work on the snack issue.  I really don’t see the problem.  As for games, their father has secured a monstrous bounce house that may be an affront to God.  The kids won’t care about games, and most of them are going to be late from another party, including Tornado E. Think of a few games, just in case.

Post: I just feel like I half-assed.

Me: Not really.  All Tornado S cares about is a Bowser cake and a bounce house.  His best friend will be there, so Tornado S will be happy as a clam.  Chill.  What you should be worrying about is that Tornado E wants a bigger bounce house with water for his birthday.


5 Responses to “The post that almost wasn’t”

  1. incognitomom Says:

    Fae – you sound exactly like me when it comes to parties. Really the kids want fun, cake, and presents. I like to do the whole theme / matchy stuff for me because hell yes, it makes me look like a rock star in front of the other moms. (Because I have nothing else to make me look like a rock star in front of them.) I found this link on Bowser

    Bowser is supposed to be a turtle. Have the kids decorate turtles with paper spikes. Or have them make cool bracelets similar to the ones Bowser wears.

    His abilities are breathing fire (not really very kid friendly), strength, and the ability to do magic. Can you perform a few easy magic tricks? Or give the kids inexpensive magic tricks for their favor.

    And there you go … party done. Oh, and the kids will be more interested in the bounce house than anything so relax.

    My son has chosen Transformers for the theme of his party this year and I am trying to figure out a way to do it without it being full of all that cheesy character paper goods and party stuff you see in the stores and still make the boy happy. Have you seen the trailer for the new Transformers movie coming in July. It has a moon landing theme and I’m thinking of incorporating the Apollo 11 mission into the Transformers party. Let’s see if I can pull this off by August.

  2. Ink Says:

    Happy birthday, Seanny!

  3. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    We have some food, and balloons and that’s about it for our kids when they’re younger than five. Actually, often for our kids older than five too. Really I think they just want to hang out and eat rubbish. I wouldn’t stress.

  4. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    I hate the mommy pressure that is associated with throwing kid parties. It’s just not right. None of us can show our kids how much we love them by one-upping the other kids’ moms. It’s like I know this intellectually, and yet, the peer pressure is SO there. I hate that crap. It’s probably my least favorite thing about parenting. UGH.

  5. letmestartbysaying Says:

    Birthday parties are a pain in my ass.
    I have 2 kids, and their parties/birthdays are 6 weeks apart. I just finish getting over one, and I need to start shopping for the other’s.
    The stupid invites, the (I HATE) goodie bags. Gaaaah.

    All they want are a few cool new toys, friends and cake. Maybe a themed plate. Why oh why do we go mental over this?

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