Recap 5/20

1. Is it wrong to put your kid in time out because he’s being a jerk?

2. We finally have a new rental!

3. It took only an hour for me to become pessimistic over a new rental.  That’s talent.

4. Tornado A prefers crawling.  He’s faster.  Much, much faster.

5. Two more days of school for Tornado E.  I’m kind of worried.

6. Best part of the week, playing “it” in freeze tag with a bunch of kindergartners.

7. Tornado S will still take a nap if I make him;.

8. My new fear: Having to become ultra-organized to deal with a new house, three boys, and, oh yeah, going back to school in the fall.

9. Last Friday was another Mom’s Night Out.  We are vowing not to lose contact with one another.  As one mom said, “Just send us a message if you’re having a bad day, and we’ll all go out that Friday.”  My response, “So we’re going out every Friday then?”

10. Glow-in-the-dark skeleton pirates are the way to Tornado S’s heart.


3 Responses to “Recap 5/20”

  1. letmestartbysaying Says:

    1. Sounds reasonable to me.
    6. This kind of thing makes my day in a blink.
    9. Now THAT is a great plan.

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    1. Not unreasonable at all.
    2. Yay!
    3. Oh.

  3. Elastamom Says:

    I like #9. 🙂

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