Recap 5/27

1. Don’t you hate when you have this awesome blog post in your head and then when you sit down to write it, you can’t remember what you were going to write?

2. Why won’t Tornado A’s teeth just pop out already?!  It’s driving me crazy!  Ok, it’s probably driving him more crazy.

3. I’m trying something new in parenting.  Instead of freaking out and yelling or lecturing, I’m taking a breath and starting with one thing at a time.  ie: Tornado S not getting dressed for the last twenty minutes.  I take a breath, get down eye level, and tell him to get on his underwear instead of loudly commanding him to get his underwear, shorts, shirt, and shoes.

4. I have a feeling this makes me look like an idiot because I’m standing still with my eyes closed breathing for like two minutes.  The boys look at me like I’m an idiot.

5. Tornado E got pink eye Saturday, missing a party.  But the nurse practitioner saved the day by suggesting an eye patch so Tornado E could go to Tornado S’s party.  Black eye patch + skill and cross-bones sticker = one ecstatic Tornado E

6. I think the mess in my house and the to-do-list are multiplying together.  I think that’s illegal in this state.

7. Tornado S loved loved LOVED his Bowser cake.  My mom rocks.

8. It’s watermelon season!!!  Yea summer!!

9. I have this bad feeling that packing a couple of boxes a night is not nearly enough.

10. After a morning of working on it, my dad pronounced my washing machine DOA.  But at least he was able to fix the other things around the house.


2 Responses to “Recap 5/27”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    #1 happens to me all the time!

  2. Jen @ Momalom Says:

    One of your best Top 10 lists. And by best I mean that I was nodding at all of these. Except #10. Which now means I had better investigate the cheapest laundromat. Hang in there!

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