Update 1


Are now laundry days.

As they used to be.

I should really throw on a kettle of beans and do it right.  But at 101, bean soup sounds completely unappetizing.

The nice thing about doing laundry at my parents’ house all day Monday is I can throw a load in, leave the kids, and shop without my three “helpers.”  I can get all the laundry done in one day and not have to worry about it for a week.  I also secretly call Wally and talk for an hour, but no one tell my mom.  I think she’s on to me.

The bad thing is trying to drag my mom away from her Facebook games to blog one tiny post is like prying candy from a toddler’s hand.  You can do it.  It just takes a lot of hard work and will to put up with those consequences.

As for the move, it’s getting there.  I’m still delusional optimistic.  I’ve had a lot of help.  I can’t wait to say goodbye to the tiny kitchen and sharing a room with Tornado A.  I miss a clean bedroom.

Now back to the boys before they start picking on each other and before Tornado A starts causing trouble.  I hate when he takes a nap in the car.


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