Recap 6/10

1. Something is obviously trying to kick my butt.  What with the sore throat and the need for naps.  Screw you, stupid whatever you are.

2. Moving sucks.  But my friends rock.

3. Tornado A has to stop trying to climb the stairs.  Something bad could happen.

4. The boys like playing hide-and-go-seek in the new house, which has only closets to hide in as of now.

5. Tornado S is pretty sure he can swim as well as Tornado E.  I’m pretty sure he can’t.

6. Even if he’s late going to bed by 15 minutes, Tornado E freaks out during the afternoon as though his life depended on every little thing.

7. Letting the boys go through there on toys to give things away was a foolish idea.

8. So I signed up for the Summer Reading Program for Adults at my local library, and I have read nothing since.  Not even blogs.  Sigh.

9. I’m totally feeling guilty leaving on a trip right before a move.

10. I’m sure after an hour on the plane without anyone calling me mom, the guilt will be gone.


4 Responses to “Recap 6/10”

  1. rakster Says:

    have a great trip!

  2. Court Says:

    i took a break from reading anything for like six months. including blogs. while i was sad to miss out on all of y’alls wonderful lives i was so glad i did it. i needed a “pause.” hope you have a great time without anyone calling you mom! i love those times!

  3. Elastamom Says:

    Let me know if it actually takes an hour for the guilt to be gone…I’m thinking 5 minutes??

  4. Ink Says:

    Am glad that the new house is happening…good luck with everything!

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