Bad Influences

We had a deal, he and I.  We were not going to expose our kids to crap.  Sure, we were realistic.  One day they would have friends that would temp them with pop music, horrible teen movies, plotless television shows.  But they would know the good stuff.  And perhaps, just perhaps, they would able to say no to pop culture.

Because of this deal we have a limited amount of kid music, and every CD came highly recommended.  As a toddler, Tornado E couldn’t get enough Johnny Cash.  As a toddler Tornado S, danced and sang to The Beatles.  Because of this deal, I have never bought anything but the best children’s movies and have hidden all the junk that came into the house.  (Again, thanks so much for that Elmo movie.)  Because of this deal, I have screened shows for their viewing pleasure, watching hours of preschool programming, allowing me to actually quote lines on a daily occurrence.  I know the lines of several educational theme-songs; they keep me up all night.

So imagine my shock this Monday when I found out someone reneged on the deal.

Tornado E: Mommy!  Can we watch Power Rangers?!

Me: WHAT?!  NO!

Tornado E: But Daddy let us this weekend.

Tornado S: Let’s watch the worse television show in the world!

Me: What?

Tornado S: Let’s watch Super Mario Brothers!

Me: WHAT?!  NO!

Tornado S: But Daddy let us watch it this weekend!

Tornado E: Can we watch Marmaduke?!

Tornado S: Yea!

Me: WHAT?!  NO!

Tornado E: But Daddy let us this weekend?!

Tornado S: Yeah.

Me: Do you know who Justin Bieber is?

Tornado E: No.

Me: Or Lady Gaga?

Tornado E: No.

Me: Did Daddy play you Pink Floyd?

Tornado E: No.

Well, at least they haven’t been exposed to crap music.

2 Responses to “Bad Influences”

  1. jc Says:

    Daddy deserves 24 hours straight of the biebs, on full blast. And 10 zillion demerits for Power Rangers.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    Oh no!!!! I’m sure that made you mad…but they’ll be ok! 🙂 It’s you, unfortunately, that has to endure it…and who the f**k invented Kidz Bop? They should be shot.

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