The Magic Word

Tornado S, who wants was so polite, has become quite demanding.  “I want juice.”  “Help me do this.”  “I’m hungry; I want crackers.”  “Wipe my bottom.”  It’s all I can do not to say something to my would-be-king.  Something not appropriate for a mother to say to her son.   I refuse and wait for him to correct himself.  Some days, I wait a long time.

Tornado S: Mommy!  I want juice!

I ignored him.

Tornado S: Mommy!!  I want juice!!

I ignored him.

Tornado S: Mommy!!!  I want juice!!!

I turned.

Me: What is the magic word?


Tornado S: Abracadabra.  I want juice.



2 Responses to “The Magic Word”

  1. d Says:

    In Sean’s defence — Abracadabra is ‘a’ magic word.. just not the one you were looking for! 🙂

  2. Court Says:

    hahaha! Kaiya does this too, incessant whining for things. She usually picks the worst moments too like right when her brother is about to launch off the kitchen table.

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