Recap 6/17

1. I’m not sure when I’ll get internet in the new place.  The internet provider’s website acted funny when I set up everything.  I haven’t had time to call yet.

2. Tornado A says “Oh, yeah.”  Quite a bit.

3. Tornado A is starting to walk quite a bit.  Always to me.

4. Tornado E has another lose tooth, amazing his friends who tell him he can’t loose it before he turns six.

5. Tornado S thinks he’s The-One-To-Be-Obeyed-At-All-Costs.  I’m pretty sure that’s my title.

6. In case you didn’t know, moving is a bitch.

7. So are allergies.

8. I totally have to take more weekends to myself.  I’m not sure what my favorite part was.  Though all my friends were envious of the plane ride.  Moms.

9. Apparently the more tired I get the more I cuss.  I also lapse into a Southern accent.  No, I totally agree that’s weird.

10. I have the most awesomest friends and family Ev-Er.  Without them, I wouldn’t have pulled off this move.  They rock.


5 Responses to “Recap 6/17”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Oh god… moving sucks so bad. We’re 13 days away, and I’m ready to kill somebody.

  2. ck Says:

    I knew you were a Southern girl at heart!

    (PS: a tired Southern accent isn’t so bad. Try a tired Jersey accent. Actually, don’t.)

  3. Jane Says:

    So glad you’re settled….well, almost settled. Moved, I suppose I should say. I’ve missed you. And missed being here. I love your list posts – just so you know. 😉

  4. faemom Says:

    Fie~ I’m praying for you!
    ck~ A Jersey accent is the only accent I can’t do.
    Jane~ I miss you too! I actually caught up on your blog this weekend. On the phone. Ugh.

  5. Court Says:

    i love southern accents! every time i go visit my family in tennessee i talk ‘southern’ for a month

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