Recap 7/8

1. I think I’m a busy junkie.  This is the first day in a week that I have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and not only am I bored senseless, I don’t feel right.  I don’t think I like this addiction.

2. The older boys are to stay in their room until they are quiet for a half hour.  Wanna bet I have the afternoon off?

3. Tornado A is a much happier boy now that he has his teeth.  Though he’s more mischievous.

4. Tornado A is still crying from being woken up by his brothers.  Sorry, kid, you’re a happier baby when you have more than an hour and half nap.

5. I’m thinking I need to get Tornado S to write his birthday thank you notes when Tornado E writes his.

6. More things got unpacked with the motivation of getting things done last Friday.  And just when my motivation started to lag, a friend came over and helped me arrange the office.  My friend rocks.

7. I just held an infant yesterday.  He was adorable.  The boys want one.  A girl, please, this time, Mama.  I was glad to hand the little guy back.

8. I have serious issues with picking up the mail if it isn’t in a mailbox in front of my house.

9. My mom snagged me a couple of chairs from an estate sale.  She mentioned a couch.  Is it weird that I don’t know if she bought the couch?

10.  My kitchen is all unpacked, and once I add a couple of hooks and more decorations, the second room will be done.  The boys’ room.


One Response to “Recap 7/8”

  1. The Other CK Says:

    Congrats on the settling in successes.

    And oh yeah, I have thank you notes to write, too. I’ll do mine when they do theirs. 😉

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