Battle cries

It probably won’t surprise any one that my boys run around the house waving swords in the air, shields firmly in place on the left arm, yelling as they chase each other.

The fact that yesterday afternoon they were yelling, “BOBBY!” as their battle cry just might.

But this morning’s battle cry, which woke the baby, was even weirder.  “WAFFLES!!!!!”

Um, what?


4 Responses to “Battle cries”

  1. jc Says:

    Someone didn’t leggo the eggo?

  2. beth confusedhomemaker Says:

    Ha! I’ve heard similar battle cries. Makes me wonder what exactly is going on in their minds…then again I have no idea what goes on adult males minds either so who knows!

  3. Court Says:

    Is it that they want them or the waffles will be like projectiles to hurl at each other?

  4. faemom Says:

    jc~ Apparently not.
    beth~ I know. Don’t I know.
    Court~ The funny thing is we don’t even have any waffles in the house. But hurling them at each other might be what they were thinking.

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