Fine. Whatever. Let’s move on.

Ever have one of those days where it tests you at ever turn?  Well, I had one of those afternoons.  Yesterday.

About lunch time to about 2pm, it is actually hot enough to fry an egg.  Or melt crayons (note to self: post that craft). So when Tornado A is sleeping with fan going full speed because his room likes to overheat, I have to keep the boys quiet.  Since I need to keep sane, part of that time is now DVD time.

But before DVD time, I had the brilliant idea of doing workbooks.  And before doing workbooks, I had the brilliant idea to have Tornado E start working on thank you notes while I finally worked on Tornado S’s.  That’s about the time the plan started to fall apart.

Because Tornado E whined that his sharp pencil had no eraser (because he had broken it off months before) and his pencil with the eraser wasn’t sharp enough (because I have yet to find a pencil sharpener that will work).  When I finally pacified him and he started to work on the ONE sentence he had to write, I took out some random thank you cards that I found scattered in boxes.  I found they were already written.  For presents Tornado E had received when he was less than six months old.  Apparently I excel at writing notes, just not sending them.  So instead of writing a few notes each, we just did one a piece.

Which led to the fight of workbooks and my God, if you decide to make a crazy looking number and then decide not to erase it and start over, please don’t whine.   So after a half hour of starting, I had one thank you note and one workbook page done.  Fine.  Whatever.  Let’s move on.

To DVD time.  Since I haven’t hooked up the TV yet, the boys have been watching DVDs on the portable DVD player on the ground in the family room.  Which worked fine.  Until yesterday.  When it didn’t.  At first, the play and enter buttons wouldn’t work.  The minute we saw the main menu, we could go no further.  I tried a few different DVDs, carefully cleaning each one before placing them inside the player.  Nothing.  Fine.  Whatever.  Let’s move on to a Disney DVD with that hateful FastPlay.  And of course, the next three DVDs I place in the player do not have Disney FastPlay.  Errr.  And now Tornado E has his heart set on Up.  When the main menu popped up, Tornado E jabbed at the play button before I could stop him.  And the bloody thing worked!

Until half way into the third chapter.  And then it didn’t play.  And then it skipped into half way into the movie.  And then it didn’t play.  And then it stopped in the first chapter.  And then it didn’t play.  I stopped it.  I cleaned the DVD. I pressed buttons.  I prayed.  I asked for brownie magic.  I hit it.  I threatened it.  I put a voodoo curse on it.  It would play for two minutes than stop.  Fine. Whatever.  Let’s move on.

So after an hour of fighting with the DVD player, I decided it was time to play “quietly” with toys.  As in for-the-love-of-God-be-quiet-so-mama-can-write-and-your-brother-sleeps-or-so-help-me-God-.  As in the boys tried to keep the noise level to a low roar in the family room. I stormed upstairs to where I can get a little relief with a rant or write the reasons why I’m a bad mom or enter a new post under the penis rules.  But I found the internet was down.  Because we’re sorry ma’am, but the bill and the disconnect notice were sent to the old address, we’re sorry for the inconvenience though.  I paid the damn thing and had to wait one to four hours for it to be up.  And by the way, what happen to that higher speed I ordered?  Fine.  Whatever.  We’re moving on.

So now, I had to do chores.  Because the boys were playing without me.  Happily.  And like not waking a sleeping baby, you would have to be a fool to intercede.  I threw together the only casserole that I will eat and placed it in the fridge.  I did the dishes.  I started to- what now?!

Tornado E had received a Transformer (robots in disguise) for his birthday.  It was too advanced for him, like Tornado S’s was for him.  But unlike Tornado S who was content to play with the robot always as a robot, Tornado E wanted to learn to transform it. By himself.  Since I was humming along, I failed to realize  the mounting frustration in the other room until it was at a whine/cry level, sorta like nails on the chalkboard.  When I offered to help, he whined more.  When I tried to show him, he accused me of breaking it.  When I tried to explain, he accused me of not knowing what I was doing.  With parenting, yes.  With transforming robots to jets, no.  I was done after twenty minutes.  Fine.  Whatever.  Let’s move on.

I called a mommy-time-out.  And Tornado E followed me up whining/crying/ fit to wake a baby.  I turned and looked him in the eye.

Mommy, needs a time out.  IF she does not have a time out, she will do something rash.  Mommy is very frustrated, and IF she does not get ten minutes, just ten minutes, she will break your Transformer.

I shut the door, and Tornado E left.  For ten minutes, I focused on better things than the crazy, horrible afternoon.  Fine.  Whatever.  Let’s move on.

I heard Tornado A cooing in his room.  I got him out of hock and took him downstairs as he chatted about his dreams.  Tornado E was still whining/crying over his Transformer.

Tornado E.  I think we need to work on that another day.

I took it and placed it high in an upper kitchen cabinet.  The whining started.

Hold it.  Get your sandals.  We’re going swimming at Grandma’s.

Sometimes you just can’t beat a bad day going worse.  You just have to change the place or attitude instead.  Or dunk your head under cool water.

Fine.  Whatever.  Let’s move on.


3 Responses to “Fine. Whatever. Let’s move on.”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Bloody hell. What a day. My sympathies, friend.

  2. Ink Says:

    Ha ha! Sorry, Fae. I think your solution was great, though. Swimming at Grandma’s is brill.

  3. faemom Says:

    Fie~ Thanks. I must get by your blog. I think of you often.
    Ink~ Thanks. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that is needed. Sometimes not.

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