recap 7/22

1. Tornado E can dive!  From his knees.  But still.

2. I finally got to join a Parent and Me swim class with Tornado A.  Everyone is swimming at the same time.  Yea.

3. Hey, what’s up with parents not wanting to get their hair wet in the pool?  This includes one of the dads.

4. Tornado S believes he’s swimming.  It’s hard to explain.  But it’s not swimming.  It’s a combination of swimming, crawling, and drowning.

5. I found my cord phone.  My phone line still doesn’t work.  Now to find a time to call the phone company without whiny, crying children in the back ground.

6. My boys have three weeks of summer left.  I’m confused with strong emotions.

7.  Tornado E found my stash of toys.  The boys are back to playing with fairies.

8. We had some wicked thunderstorms this week.  God, I love this time of year.

9. For such a tiny thing, the skin cancer removal really f-ed me up for the day.  With the sleeping all day and the not getting things done and the having someone drive me anywhere I needed to be.

10. For the record, I refuse to admit how early or quickly I fell sleep last night.


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