Reasons why I’m not a very good mother

1. Tornado S was getting out of the SUV and got caught on something.  He hit the garage floor with his whole body.  Splat.  I laughed.  It was funny and reminded me of a cartoon.

2. Tornado A crawled over to the dog’s food dish and decided to help himself to a piece of dog food.  I just watched, wondering if he would spit it out.  He didn’t.  I did stop him from getting seconds.

3. I didn’t stop him soon enough from gnawing on the dog’s bone.  Just another reason not to own a dog for a little while and to watch Tornado A more closely at my parents’ house.

4. I allowed my boys to play outside too long as a thunderstorm approached.  I was outside with them. watching the storm.  Now they believe they can play in thunderstorms.  Sure, I think about saying yes, but I always decide to say no.  And that’s the important part.

2 Responses to “Reasons why I’m not a very good mother”

  1. glitter unicorn Says:

    1. I can’t stop myself from laughing when people fall right in front of me. After I stop laughing, I pick their sorry asses up. And then laugh some more, hopefully the klutzy dork laughs too. It’s always like a cartoon to me too. Like the Baker with the pies on Sesame Street falling down the stairs.

    2. Some organic dog food is healthier than people food.

    3. It’ll help with the teething.

    4. Next time, when the storm comes, tie them to a tree or telephone pole, or just throw them in the pool. That’ll work! Awesome light show. You can charge admission, or electric fees.

    /yeah, I’m using a new name. Keep it fresh, yo.

  2. faemom Says:

    Love the new name! And all the stickers. They made bill-receiving day a little easier to take.

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