They were Bowsers today.  Tornado E was a sliding Bowser.  Tornado S was a hop-hop Bowser.  Obviously Tornado A was a climb-out-of-the-cart-and-land-head-first Bowser.  At least he was trying to be.  As the hero, I foiled his plans one after another by sitting him back into a sitting position with a firm “no.”  This is the reason why I don’t slide three feet to a stop, I don’t ride the shopping cart, I don’t spin the cantaloupe on my fingers or toss things over my shoulder in the basket; I don’t want to give the boys any ideas.  Parenting is such a joykill.

As Tornado E slid and twirled around people and Tornado S hop-hop-hopping, having people hop out of his way, I hummed No Doubt’s “Underneath it all,” reminding me that they are lovely and I’m really lucky.  At least it was drowning out . . . oh God it’s Britney Spears.  How many things left on the list?


I stood in the cereal aisle, trying to do math, debating if the four for ten and free milk was really cheaper than the generic brand and paying for milk.  All the while, I kept an eye on the boys telling them to move out of the way and we are not getting that cereal or that one and no, Tornado A, sit down.

Older gentleman: Three boys?

Me: (smiling.  Please don’t scold me; I’m doing the best I can) Yes.

Older gentleman: (smiling) They are quite a handful.  You’re very lucky.

Me: Yes, they are. (a chuckle) And yes, I am.

Older gentleman: We had five boys.  All of them a year apart.  Except the baby.  He was two years apart.

Me: Wow.

Older gentleman: Once there were so many of them in diapers.  (chuckle)  I had a wonderful wife, and she stayed home, and I worked.  She was amazing. There were years when the refrigerator light was never off.

Me: It must have been a busy, full household.

Older gentleman: It was.  Enjoy them.  They are blessings.  And you are lucky.

We looked over to watch my boys dancing to music they could only here.

Yes, I am.  All they’ve got is me and somehow I’m full of forgiveness and I guess this really was meant to be.

Me: Thank you.


2 Responses to “Lucky”

  1. glitter unicorn Says:

    Um, I’m old. Bowser was a dude on the show Grease. Yes, I realized part-way thru that your boys only know Bowser 2.0.

    Yeah, try to enjoy them. When you’re not wanting to strangle them. If they’re not hanging from the railings and climbing on the counter. You should have told him about the Penis Rules, yannow, to compare notes. I double dog dare you next time. 🙂

    The cereal aisle is an evil dark territory made to torture parents. All the crap is down low so the kids can reach and whine and beg and plead and throw tantrums over sugar coated crap.

  2. faemom Says:

    I can usually navigate the cereal pretty well. Honey Nut Cheerios and Rice Krispies. The generic kind. It was that damn baby food aisle with the toys that is the evil dark territory that tortures me.

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