Just another day

Day 2 and we’re back at the grocery store.  Don’t ask me why.  I was a bit . . . upset that we were back and that it had taken the boys over two hours to get ready.  But they were listening and standing next to me as I used self-check-out.  (Lord, I hate that bitch, but that’s from months of running it at Home Depot.)

As I helped Tornado E enter the money, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked over and saw the same older lady from the day before.

Older lady: Don’t you ever stay home?

Me: (smiling) No.  I try not to.

Older lady: (smiling back, patting my arm) God bless you.  (Glancing around at the boys, patting Tornado S on the head) So very cute.

She walked away, and I gathered our purchases.

As I walked away I heard her say to someone, “I see her quite often.  She’s always here with her three boys.  So sweet and well-mannered.  So cute.  She-”

And then I was out of ear-shot and through the doors into the oppressive humid heat that is August in Tucson.

Me: I’m hungry.  Let’s go home for lunch.

Tornado S: I want Goldfish!

Tornado E: I want an Otter Pop!

Me: Not for lunch.

Tornado S: I want an Otter Pop too!

Tornado A: MA!

Me: I was thinking more along the lines of lunch food.

Tornado E: I want a hamburger!

Tornado S: I want McDonald’s!

Tornado A: THIS!

Me: Fireman.  Let’s just go home.

The older boys jumped on the cart like firemen holding on to a side of an engine.

2 Responses to “Just another day”

  1. Jane Says:

    I think it’s absolutely flattering that they’re speaking so kindly of you and your angels. Not that I expect otherwise because if your home is like mine? Oh, if they could just be a fly on the wall! right?

  2. zeemaid Says:

    Isn’t that nice when you hear something good about yourself and your kids? It’s encouraging because often we get so frustrated with their behaviour and then bam… hey it looks like I’m getting through.

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