Recap 8/26

1. I can’t hit my goal of posts if I don’t write.

2. Sometimes you just need sleep to help put everything in perspective.

3. The boys keep messing up my bedroom.  Their bedroom is tidy.  That’s irony.

4. When I feel like I have no control, I clean.  Which I think that’s weird.  Is that weird?

5. You know how when you decide to diet, you keep a log to see where you’re bad habits are.  I’m thinking about doing that for time.

6. Tornado A wants to be just like his brothers.  He will get dressed when they do.  He will brush his teeth when they do.  He will comb his hair when they do.

7. Tornado E wants me to walk him to the gate of his school and no farther.  At least he turns and blows a kiss.

8.Tornado  S starts school Monday.  Someone hand me a tissue.

9. The boys have learned about build-your-own frozen yogurt places.  And I was so close to my goal.

10. Dear Postal Employee- Please stop removing the weekly flyer ads and coupons from my mail box.  I get it’s small, and I go once a week.  But I’m a single parent with three small kids, and the mailbox is three doors down, a walk with three young children that takes 10 minutes with much whining, crying, yelling, and scolding.  Since I’m a single mother, I need those coupons.  I would understand if by some chance I had a stuffed mailbox, but since I only had three things of junk mail, that wasn’t the case.  So leave my ads.  Take the bills.


One Response to “Recap 8/26”

  1. unicorn Says:

    7. The lil shit.
    8. He’s gonna love it!
    10. I’ll save my coupons for you and send them with my stickergrams.

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