Me: (Holding the Flip) Tornado S, are you excited to go to school today on your first day?

Tornado S: No.  It’s not my first day.  It’s the weekend.

Me: No.  It’s Monday.  It’s the first day of school.  Yea!

Tornado S: No.  I’m not going to school.  I’m going to stay with you.

Me: You have to go to school.  You’ll have lots of fun.

Tornado S: No, thank you.


Twenty minutes later we stood in front of the class.  I’m quite sure The Ex’s car ate the Flip.  (I better be getting a new car soon; I hate driving a trash can.)  The four-year-olds eyed each other from the comfort of their parents’ legs.  Nervousness and excitement filled the air.

The teacher opened the door.  I gave Tornado S a hug and kiss.  He stared at the open door, watching other kids walk in.  Then he followed.  At least he didn’t run in like Tornado E.

I sighed and turned.  Nearly knocking over one of my friends’ from Tornado E’s class last year.

Other Mom: How are you doing?

Me: Hey!  What are you doing here?

Other Mom: Exercise class.  But I thought I would come early and see how you were doing.  So?

Me: It’s a little hard.  Another one growing up.  (I squeezed Tornado A who sat on my left hip.)  At least Tornado S had the decency to walk in solemnly unlike Tornado E who ran in with a laugh.

Other Mom: (laugh) And how are you, Tornado E?

Enter five minute monologue.


 I placed Tornado A on his feet as I waited in the hot sun with the rest of the parents.  He looked around, through the forest of legs.

The teacher opened the door.  Tornado A toddled in.  I went in to fetch him, returning to wait.  Tornado S bounded out the door.

Me: How was your first day of school?

Tornado S: It was so, so, so fun!

Me: I’m glad.

Tornado S: Can I go back tomorrow?


 Tornado E: So Tornado S, how was your first day of school?  What did you do?

Tornado S: Um, we played on the playground!

Tornado E: Really?!  That was the playground I used to play on!  You’re going t have so much fun!

Tornado S: Yeah!  I stood on the top and was Dr. Zombot!


4 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. unicorn Says:

    Oscar the Grouch drives a trash can. No worries, it’s hip.

    Who the hell is Dr. Zombot? I’m not hip, clearly.

    School is fun until you want to thrash your calculator and the pencil breaks with the mere thought of doing log functions. Oh yeah, and tests. They fry brainz.

  2. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Driving a trash can cannot be fun. My Mommobile is close. Glad the boys had good first days!

  3. Elastamom Says:

    My minivan is a total trashcan. Oh well…we own that trashcan!!! We have our first days this week…hoping they go well like yours!

  4. faemom Says:

    unicorn~ Check out “Plants vs Zombies.” It’s a rad game. Dr Zombot is their ruler. I think. I plan to keep tests a secret for a little while.
    TKW~ My car is close. But I try to clean it every week. Not as well as I thought I did because I took out three bags of stuff out of mine and Evan is excited to have a clean car.
    Elastamom~ Embrace who you are. Work that trashcan, girl.

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