Not my kid

The last two years I have finally gained a circle of friends, mothers of children in Tornado E’s classes. Now that most of the kids are sprinkled into various schools, my circle is trying to figure out how we can get together. Today it was a potluck breakfast picnic at the park.  It was awesome.

But I realized that some of the moms feel the same way about two boys in the class.  Both boys are energetic, bright, out-going, natural-born leaders.  They live in the same neighborhood with siblings the same ages. They are like brothers.  And they run wild.

I love an energetic, wild, out going kid.  Love them.  I want my boys to be like them.  I prefer them to be a handful to the opposite.  But these boys run a little too wild, with no respect for property, with no respect for rules, with the potential to be mean.  The circle is in agreement that the parents share some of the blame as we barely conceal our eye rolls as one or both mothers try to “discipline” the boys with a high-pitched, soft, “Now, Honey, you know you’re not allowed to climb trees.”  Meanwhile the boys are scaling up the trees (with thorns, mind you) eight feet above the ground, not listening at all to the authority figure.  (I’m all for climbing trees, so that really isn’t a battle I would fight but no my kid, not my call.)

It got me to thinking.  What do people say about my son?  How does he act when I’m not there?  Does he remember his manners?  Is he empathetic and kind?  I know he’s a handful, but is he a force of destruction?  Does he instigate bad behavior?  Would anyone tell me?

I don’t want to have a kid who parents pray doesn’t show up to parties.  I don’t want the kid who is a bully.  I don’t want a kid that is rude or disobedient.  I don’t want the kid who loses opportunities because he can’t control himself.

Crap. How am I going to train him not to be that kid when I’m not around?

I’ll just keep telling parents, when I drop Tornado E off, to feel free to beat him if he misbehaves.


4 Responses to “Not my kid”

  1. unicorn Says:

    TAKE NO PRISONERS!!111!11111!!!1!

    every kid I grew up with that was a wild disrespectful kid never changed. they got bigger, that’s all. Best you can do is keep your kids away from *them*.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    I always wonder what my kids are like when they’re not with me. I hope they behave!

  3. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    I had the same fear, until I started volunteering in Miss D.’s classroom. She’s a completely different kid in class–attentive, proper decibel level, rule following. I was amazed and SO relieved.

  4. faemom Says:

    unicorn~ I’m trying. I’m so trying.
    Elastamom~ I want to go up to parents and teachers and say “Ok, seriously, how was he?”
    TKW~ Lucky. I found out Evan is better behaved when I’m there. I guess he knows I’ll beat him if he misbehaves in my presence. Kidding. Kidding. Sorta.

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