Grand Debates

Tornado E: Mommy, have you ever seen Return of the Sith?

I chuckled.  It’s the one Star Wars movie they are not allowed to watch.  I just feel that some of the scenes are too adult for them.

Me: Yes. Three times.  You dad believes in giving George Lucas credit for a movie three times.  No matter how bad the movie.  I’m grateful that I didn’t know your father when Phantom Menace came out.

Tornado E: Daddy likes Star Wars?

Me: (laughing) He likes it very much.  (Because what boy didn’t fall in love with Star Wars as he watched it for the first time in the theater?)

Tornado E: Well, I like it more than he does!

Tornado S: Well, I love it more than you do!  More than everyone!  Because I love the bad guys!

Touché, Tornado S.  Touché.


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