Recap 9/16

1. When we went to a party that you had to dress crazy @ss to attend, I asked Tornado E for helping picking out my clothes.  I thought I looked punk princess.

2. It was weird to hear my mom say crazy @ss.  She said it way too many times not to enjoy saying it.

3. “Let me start by saying, Tornado E is quite a character,” said Tornado E’s teacher at the parent/teacher conference.  Yeah, we know.

4. When I laugh, Tornado A force-laughs to join me.

5. Tornado S did not want to pick up Tornado E, who got out for early dismissal, from school.

6. We have a leak in the boys’ bedroom.  Two phone calls, three emails, another leak in the walls in the office later, the owner has yet to send someone out.  Jack@ss. (the hyper-link is hilarious)

7. On the upside, my dad and The Friendly Giant raced over to move the heavy bedroom furniture.

8. How soon after my dad lands from his business trip do I call him to say, “Hey, we need to change the back handle on this new SUV; I need to borrow your lawnmower (which I needed last week but you forgot to bring it over like you promised but I let it go because you were getting ready for that trip); I need to borrow your allen wrench set because the garbage disposal isn’t working and we know how the landlord is on fixing things quickly”?

9. My ultra cool brother and his awesome wife invited the boys and I to see a friend’s farm.  Which was cool except both boys touched the electric fence (but luckily didn’t get zapped) and my brother hit a bird with my SUV.  Actually the bird hit us.

10. I think the best part of my week was dancing in the rain, jumping barefoot in puddles, and being chased by tiny raptors.  Sometimes being a parent means being a kid.


4 Responses to “Recap 9/16”

  1. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Holy shit. Your week sounds a lot more flavorful than mine. All I did was hit a skunk.

  2. Jane Says:

    I love your “bullet” posts. They always inspire me to try and do the same but when I actually sit down to do it I can never come up with the clever quips that you seem to. You are GOOD! #3 made me snort. #4 I had to smile with you, as I have one of those, too. #8 How great is it to have family who are there when you need them? And #10? My all time favorite. I’m going to focus on that sentiment this week — my own little assignment. I need to chuck these adult responsibilities that have been weighing me down and jump a few puddles with my kids. (Hugs, sweet Fae)

  3. unicorn Says:

    Tiny raptors? Good gawd lady. Get yourself some swords! Don’t get eated. RUN! Tell the boys no more digging in the yard.

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