Tornado S’s pearls of wisdom

Swinging a stick his height and an inch thick- I will not hit Tornado A with this stick!

On grabbing a handful of bills that Tornado A tossed out of their father’s wallet- I had no money!  Now I have a lot of money!  I will buy the Monkey Castle!

On the date- Today is tomorrow!

On putting his shoes away- But I will wear them later!

Meals are meant to be eaten standing up, pacing, and dancing around the dinner table.

On pushing Tornado A- He was getting my toys!  And I said, “No, Tornado A, no!”  And he didn’t listen!

On time out- But I said I was sorry!

On being told he had to rest two more minutes- How about three?

One Response to “Tornado S’s pearls of wisdom”

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes Says:

    Very sweet 🙂

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