Wednesdays are my official volunteering day for Tornado E’s class.  I’m the librarian.  The school district has cut elementary school librarians out of the budget, so if a teacher wants one, s/he has to find a parent.  And I love it.

I get to check in and out the books.  I have the kids’ names right in front of me, so I’m learning their names.  I get to discuss books with the kids and help them find the books they want.  I even had time to shelf books yesterday.  It’s so fun.

But there are unintended side effects.

Girl Student: Wow. That’s a huge scar on your head!

Tornado E: The doctors had to cut something out because she didn’t wear sunscreen.

Yup, I am the official “Wear sunscreen, kids, or get huge scars on you face” mascot.



One Response to “Volunteering”

  1. unicorn Says:

    Fae: Yeah, you should see the other guy! I cut his lips off with a plastic knife!

    Stu: *scared face* *runs away*

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