Recap 9/30

1. I handed Tornado A a piece of bread yesterday, and I swear he said, “Thank you, Mama.”

2. Tornado E: “Mommy, have you ever been to Skate Country (local roller skate rink)?”  Me: “When I was a little girl.”  Tornado E: “Wow!  It must be old!”  Thanks, Tornado E.  Thanks.

3. As Social Distortion cover of “Ring of Fire” played on the radio, Tornado S said, “Hey!  We have this song!  On the iPod!  But it’s sung by the other guy!”  Me: Johnny Cash is the original singer.  That’s who we have. Tornado S: “Oh, I like him better.”

4. The in-laws are coming next week.  Lord, help me.

5. I got a new phone last Friday.  Then I entered a brief love affair with it.  The affair has gone cold as the battery dies.

6. Tornado E gave a grammar lecture to his dad, who was wrong, and Tornado E was right.  Because I had explained the rule two days before to Tornado E.

7. The back door handle on the new SUV is broke.  Guess what my dad and I are doing tomorrow?

8. And my dad took a look at my stroller and fixed it.  YEA!

9. Once among my friends, I was known as the faery girl.  Among my newer set of friends, I am known as the vampire and zombie girl.  Huh.

10. I have decided to decorate the printer.  It’s plainness has finally gotten to me.


2 Responses to “Recap 9/30”

  1. unicorn Says:

    1. Can I have Aidan? I promise I’ll return him. Someday. Maybe. That lil dude is a sweety.

    4. Brace yourself. You might have to call in reinforcements: chocolate.

    9. Badass girl > Fairies.

    10. Are you gonna draw teeth on the printer? I think it needs googly eyes too.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    Johnny Cash rules.

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