I’m not sure when we decided to open the door to computer and video games.  I remember I was hesitant about it.  So hesitant about it, that when someone bought Tornado E a V-tech, we didn’t open it for a year, and when we did, I left it at my parents’ house.  But now it has penetrated in every part of our lives.  I’m starting to suspect we’re letting them play too much or watch too much.  (If it’s easy, than it’s not parenting.)

Not only does nearly every conversation with the boys turn to either Lego Star Wars or Plants versus Zombies, gaming lingo is spread throughout the day.

“No, I’m not dead!  I have more lives!”

“Mommy, we should unlock this song for the iPod!”

“Mommy!  I just unlocked a bad guy for my game!” (He was playing with his Star Wars action figures.)

“Mommy!  I just unlocked a new level for my game!” (He was playing with his toy pirates.)

“I’m coming, Mommy!  Let me just pause my game!” (He was playing with The Lord of the Rings chess set.)

“I’m not it!  I have more hearts!”

“In Lego Star Wars, there is . . . .”

Humming of the Plants versus Zombies song.

“I like your tricycle.”

“There’s butter on my head.”

Well, at least they’ve learned Micheal Jackson is a zombie and Han Solo shot first.


One Response to “Gamers”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    *LOL* I love it! It’s so important for them to know MJ was a zombie and Han shot first. I mean.. come on!

    I wonder why my kids are completely inept when it comes to video games? Apart from the fact that we only borrow a WII now and then, the few times we drag out the N64 ends up with us playing the stupid game because they get so frustrated.

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