Not Fun

We were waiting for Tornado A to receive his vaccines.  I noticed a picture of a person with chicken pox.  I looked down at Tornado S and pointed to the picture.

Me: That’s chicken pox.  They are not fun.  I had them when I was year older than you.  All those spots are like ant bites, and they itch for days.  Totally not fun.

Tornado S: Chicken pox is not fun!

Me: Not at all.

Tornado S: I don’t want the chicken pox!  They are not fun!

Me: The good news is that you got a shot, and you will never get the chicken pox.

Tornado S: Chicken pox is not fun!  Shots are not fun!

Me: Chicken pox and shots are not fun.  But chicken pox is not fun for seven days!  Shots are not fun for a few minutes.  Then it’s over.


Tornado S: Chicken pox is not fun!  Shots are fun!  Because you get ice cream after them!



4 Responses to “Not Fun”

  1. psychodynamom Says:

    Kids are funny. And ice cream is good!

  2. unicorn Says:

    Sean’s “ice cream” reasoning reminds me of Fortune Cookies. Everything gets an “in bed” at the end. I admire the logic. I want ice cream in bed. My ending is “with sprinkles”.

  3. zeemaid Says:

    And the world is good once again. 😉

  4. Elastamom Says:

    I always give my kids milkshakes for shots!!!

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