Recap 10/7

1. Yesterday I woke with Tornado E staring down at me.  “You look old.”  Thanks, dude.

2. Tornado S taught Tornado A to say “ninja.”

3. My dad and I jimmy-rigged my SUV’s back door latch.

4. Less than 24 hours, it was broken again.  Back to the drawing board.

5. I wish I cared more about my hair when I was younger.  I wouldn’t be messing it up so much now; I would actually know how to style hair.

6. I glanced at an article that said women in makeup are seen as more trustworthy.  Please explain how hiding flaws makes you seem more trustworthy.  That is irony, people.

7. Hold on, does this mean I have to start wearing makeup when I start working again?  Crap.

8. One of my dearest friends accused me of giving her the Facebook version of myself and told me she wants the messy, crazy, wonderful me. I love her.

9, I hate scorpions.

10. I have everything to make my beloved Strawberry-Apple salsa, except tortillas for cinnamon-sugar chips.  Life can be so sad.


2 Responses to “Recap 10/7”

  1. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Every young boy should have “ninja” in his early vocabulary. #6 made me laugh. And as for #1, don’t get me started. I’m way older than you. xo

  2. unicorn Says:

    1. Evan’s hungry for a knuckle sandwich.

    6. For some unknown reason, I tend to AMPLIFY my flaws with makeup. None of the shades of anything match my skin, so it all sticks out. Does that count?

    10. I have everything for a lasagna, except the lasagna noodles! AHHHH.

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