Not too long ago I was browsing the internet, when on a parenting site I noticed a poll asking moms if it was ok for their children to see their mother’s breasts.

My first and only reaction is: Who are these women who actually get to choose if their children see their mother’s breasts?

I can’t even take a shower without one, and usually more, little faces pressed against the glass door because my presence is needed immediately or the world will end. (I can’t find my shirt.  I can’t find the toothpaste.  Mama!  Mama!  Mama!  I need sunscreen.  Where are my shoes?  Mama!  Mama!  Mama!  He hit me.  He hit me first.  Mommy, do you know where my blue ninja is?  He has my blue ninja!  He took my blue ninja!  It’s not your blue ninja!  It’s mine!  He hit me!) And these kids do not go away until they are properly addressed.  Not even for the twenty seconds it would take to put on underwear and a bra.  Not even for the two seconds to wrap a towel around me.

When discussing this with my mom, she pointed out that I lived under special circumstances.  Come on.  I can’t be the only mother out there that lives in a house that the builders didn’t think of closing the bathroom off from the master room with a door or that didn’t think to put the shower in the water closet so I could shut a door and the builders could have their precious open space feel of bathroom meets bedroom.  God, I miss the Orange house at times.  A wooden door separating me from my door-banging offspring and keeping the steam firmly wrapped around the shower.

Oh, you mean, the single parenthood.  Oh!  Got it. Let me th- Um, no. I think that all busy mothers have this issue.  I know I had this issue before, but I also know I’m not the best example.  But I have friends whose husbands are firefighters, cops, airforce pilots or have to work extremely early in the morning.

No, I think it’s a lucky few that can dwell in the possibility of making the adult female body a mystery.  Granted, I look forward to the day my boys will decide that whatever most important issue that is going to destroy life as we know it can wait until I get some kind of coverage on my body because the boys are sure that seeing any part of me naked would sear out their eyeballs.

Now that day.  That day will be bliss.


3 Responses to “Modesty”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    I’m not a single parent and I have a door on my bathroom (non locking mind you) and I still can’t seem to get my three to give me some privacy. As they get older, I’m getting owlier about it but they think nothing of seeing me in my naked glory. Although I have overheard them saying to each other when they’re getting changed for bed.. “it’s okay, I won’t laugh at you”. So ya, I’d like to know how it’s possible to keep them out especially at this age.

  2. beth confusedhomemaker Says:

    Yah, with more than one parent in the house all it means is more chances for kids to walk in on someone who is in a partial stage of undress because ya know they only need you at the most inconvenient moment of dress or to use the bathroom when you are in it! Although I have found my husband never gets busted in on the way I do–so maybe it’s a mom thing. Like only we can help. o.O

  3. Jane Says:

    Here’s another not-a-single-parent whose children walk in on her. All. The. Time. And they think nothing of it. Because asking me to fix the xBox control or if they can have caramel with their apples or that #2son is hogging all the Legos is much more important than my state of dress. I don’t think they even notice.

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