Recap 10/21

1. My rental company is done with the owner f-ing around.  They sent in their own guys to take a look and assure me it’ll be done by the end of next week.  Exposed wire is bad, right?

2. Tornado E lost another tooth.  Hopefully we can hold on to it until the tooth fairy can get to it.

3. Someone explain the evolutionary benefits of hormonal cycles because I can’t understand how killing your kids or mate is going to benefit the survival of the species.

4. Tornado S is calling me “mama.”  In every other sentence.

5. Tornado A’s favorite game is “Gravity Check.”  He doesn’t like when I catch the object mid-air.

6. So there’s this song I want to hear.  I don’t know the title or the artist or the year.  I barely can catch the melody in my head.  And the lyrics I do remember isn’t coming up in the search, so I obviously have them wrong.

7.  I don’t mind advice.  Except when it comes from two people.  Then I want to ask it when I need it and use duct tape when I don’t.

8. My college best friend used to tell me when he was tired of listening to someone who wouldn’t shut up, he just started playing one of his favorite songs in his head, really loud.  I should try that.  You don’t think he did that to me, do you?

9. Glow in the dark body glitter.

10. At parenting class:  “One of my issues is Tornado E likes to hang around and is influenced by older, energetic, bright, spirited children who need more discipline,” I said.  The teacher responded, “Fae.  Just call them brats.  That’s what you meant.”


4 Responses to “Recap 10/21”

  1. oldandfuzzy Says:

    #3 Yes!!!, #9 Intriguing, #10 Yes!!!

  2. unicorn Says:

    #9. Getting RIGHT NOW!!!!1!!!!1!!!!111111!!!!!111!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!11111!!!

  3. kebibarra Says:

    Oh lord yes, totally get #7 and if you’re not one of my 2 people KEEP YOUR FREAKING MOUTH SHUT!!!!! it’s a sure fire way to drive this momma crazy!!!
    love the post!!

  4. Elastamom Says:

    #3 is so very true!!!

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