Just some potty humor

I grew up with boys.  I thought it prepared me for having boys.  I was wrong.  There is so many things I didn’t know.  So many things that I never thought you would be said.


Tornado S: Mommy!  My penis is attacking me!

Apparently this means he needs to pee.


Tornado S: Mommy, my penis is sad.  When it’s little, it’s sad.


Tornado E: The reason I’m wet there (meaning the crotch) is because my penis got sweaty.  I am wearing sweat pants.


In a busy public bathroom.

Tornado S:  Mommy!  You pee from your butt!  Where do you poop?


Um, yeah.


3 Responses to “Just some potty humor”

  1. pamelazimmer Says:

    oh, the truth in that! we are not quite there yet… almost, but still a little ways to go. 🙂

  2. ck Says:

    I love it! We need to get our kids together, Fae. Can you imagine what they’d come up with?

    You and I could sit back with a glass of wine and just laugh.

  3. Jane Says:

    Yes. It takes everything in me not to crack up with the things they (my boys, in particular) come up with about the penis. They’re obsessed!

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