Studying toddler behavior

How much trouble can a toddler get into in the minutes it takes his mom to blog?

Let’s find out.

Found his brother’s match box cars.  And threw them.

Tried to yank down the poinsettia plant.  (It’s almost two years old.  Why it’s still alive?  I don’t know.  But we honor survivors here.)

Found brother’s pumpkin filled with candy to gnaw at throw the wrapper.  (For those who don’t know. Toddler possess sharp teeth that allow the to get through candy wrappers.  Or in one case, smoosh a Twinkie into a smoothie consistency than gnaw a hole at the end of the wrapper to suck the Twinkie out.)

Mistake a Darth Vader cape for a mama shirt.  Realize the mistake and toss it behind the coach.

Look for a mama shirt and find a pacifier.

Stop and grunt and-

Experiment over.

I should carve out some time soon, that would allow to write and perhaps concentrate for more than . . . . Where was I going with this?  Right.  Tomorrow.



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