Letters for the park

To the Mother of the 4 yr old little boy and the 2 yr old twins,

Relax.  I know you’ve had issues at the park in the past.  I appreciate that you were worried over Tornado A.  It’s rare to meet a mom that is so concerned with her children’s behavior and worry about another child.  But calling your kids bullies and shooing them away from my children isn’t helping too much.  I had a watchful eye on the kids too. I would have stepped in and helped if anything went awry.  I’m sorry if other moms weren’t so understanding.  Social development is just as hard to do as learning your letters or potty training. There are days where I wish I can shove a mean, rude person instead of gritting my teeth and using nice words. Give your kids a chance.  Correct them if you need to.


To the Mother of the 3 yr old,

Any kid who knows all the plants and the names of several stars is a bright kid.  So he’s learning social development. Don’t be so concern about him being an only child.  All kids have issues learning to deal with other people.  It will take time.  He will learn to share and cooperate with others.  And thanks for letting me know when and how often you go to the park.  It was nice to meet you.


One Response to “Letters for the park”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    I agree…some Mom need to relax a bit!

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