Recap 11/4

1. The stories I have to share . . . Wait a minute.  It’s already Friday?!  WTH?!

2. I am seriously the most tactless person on the planet.  Wally sent a pic of her new hair color, my response was “WHAT?!?!?”  Not “you look great,” not “that’s a great pic,” not “you look hot.”  Which are all true.  I’m also hoping I didn’t gape like a fish to other news this week.

3. Tornado A climbed down from his changing table.  Crap.

4. We are missing a Darth Vader helmet.  It has been missing since before Halloween.  Tornado E suggested Tornado S go as Darth Vader after he kills the Emperor, just pain Tornado S’s face white.

5. AZ doesn’t change it’s time.  This is the first time I care.  I don’t want it to change back.

6. Fall has hit Hell.  It’s going to be in the 60’s tomorrow.

7. I have programs and systems in place to keep the wheels on.  The only way to fail those systems and programs is to not do them.  This week they have failed.

8. My parenting class is going to drive our teacher to drink.  I think she likes the abuse.  This is her fourth session teaching us.

9. One am in the morning I sent my pen pal my first email in a week.  All I did is bitch and complain and point out what a horrible mom I am and how I can’t do this.

10. Which is proof that I’m a pessimist. Because some wonderful things happened this week and they weren’t in the email.  I should probably email her again.


One Response to “Recap 11/4”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Seriously how is it November already? I am shocked! Being a mother sucks a lot of the time…glad you vented to your penpal, that usually makes me feel better!

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