Recap 11/18

1. I had totally forgot how much I love to have people over.

2. I also love a full house of loud, active kids.

3. Tornado A has learned to move the chairs around to climb on them to get whatever he wants.

4. Tornado S sleeps like the dead.

5. My mailbox key is having issues.  Like I needed help avoiding getting the mail.

6. Tornado E has been asking for the last two weeks if we can roll down the windows and sing “Jingle Bells” as we drive.  No. Even if it was Christmas season, it would still be a no.

7. My washing machine was pronounced DOA.  My father blames the person for selling us a crappy used one. No, Dad; you gave us your old one to replace our crappy, used DOA washer.

8. Stupid keyboard can bite me.

9. I should get my tattoo soon.

10. I’m visiting friends this weekend.  I will miss a birthday party for one of Tornado E’s friends and a chance to meet other moms, Cub Scout fishing, a star-gazing party at my church, a perfect opportunity to clean out the garage because trash is picking up big items next week, and the regular fun stuff.  But I’m still leaving.


One Response to “Recap 11/18”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    I love, love, love having a house full of people—young and old.

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