So I meant to keep this list down, but I had a lot of fun, and before you know it, I had a lot.  I actually cut out people, so I might have to do this again.  Soon.  First off, thanks for reading.  I haven’t been the best blogger lately, but I’ll figure out how to change that soon.

To my first oh-my-god-he’s-so-cute-and-sweet actual crush, thanks for making sure I will always have a thing for guys with light colored eyes.  Thanks for being my friend, and I think I would die if you ever learned I had a crush on you.

To the she-devils I grew up with, thanks for teaching me never to fear evil, to smell out your kind, to not care what anyone thinks, and to say “Bite me.”

To my high school best friend, thanks for being cool, fun, and weird.  Thanks for being my sidekick.  Thanks for sticking with me through four years of long distance relationship.  Sorry we couldn’t last through marriages.  You’re welcome for the bottles of blue nail polish, the Luke Skywalker toys, and all the sex tips.

To my soul sister, you were my first picked out sister.  Thanks for being that.  And for all those hours studying the dark arts with me.  For agreeing to be my star actress.  For letting me dance in and out of your life.  We should drag our troops with us and get together.  Sorry for the headlocks.  But honestly, you should never pick a fight with someone who knows to fight.

To my soul sister’s husband, thanks for being a cool guy in high school.  Thanks for still doing the voice of the worm from Labyrinth even all these years later.  Thanks for chewing out your wife for not inviting me over for bar-b-ques all summer.

To my quietest friend, thanks for being so cool.  I want to believe.

To the drama boys, thanks for insuring that I have a thing for wickedly smart, wickedly funny, wickedly confident guys.  At times that has worked well.

To my Favorite Freshman, thanks for considering me your big sis and all the letters written from army bases and the awesome baby clothes.

To my first love, thanks for teaching me to swing dance and skank and to risk.  I blew that one.

To my Spanish teacher, thanks for always telling me I’m bright and creative.  You were the first teacher to do so.

To my swim couch/ chem teacher, thanks for letting me ask you the most random science questions, for listening while I debated about dropping swim team, for my recommendation letter.  Though making me read it in front of you to see me blush, not cool.

To my mentor, thanks for seeing something in a girl who sat on top of her desk in the back of the room.  Thanks for letting me talk your ear off, and thanks for making me your TA.  Thanks for teaching really cool classes.

To the boy with bellbottoms, thanks for deepening my appreciation for The Beatles, for teaching me to free-style dance, for late night conversations about, among other things, God, religion, politics, the end of the world, and, of course, the nudist debate.  I still stand that it would be boring.  You’re welcome for introducing you to The Simpsons.

To my first college roommate, see I wasn’t so bad.  Thanks for allowing me to put of glow-in-the-dark stars, meal tickets, Christmas lights, and the kiddie pool in our dorm room as decoration.  Thanks for giving us a second chance.  I forgive you for giving me mono.

To my sweet suite mate, thanks for letting me hang out in your room.  It was a sanctuary.

To my sleepy suite mate, thanks for being my tea cup buddy.  We could get that thing to spin.

To my first official boyfriend.  You are a psycho.  Thanks for teaching me to trust my instincts.  You’re welcome for not letting anyone break your legs in the beginning.  Though, come to think of it, it would have saved us time, pain, and legal fees, if I had.  Sorry about that.

To my college best friend, thanks for being my friend.  Thanks for making me laugh when I wanted to cry, scream, or do nothing.  Thanks for discussing science, religion, politics as well as quote hours of The Simpsons’ lines with me.  Thanks for the fashion advice and being my Disneyland partner and my partner in crime.  I wish we were still friends like that.

To my Beloved, I fell in love with you the first time we met, forgave you for stealing my job, and knew I had to be friends with you forever as we kept saying something and repeating “ME TOO!”  Thanks for being the my counterpart.  You’re right.  If I swung the other way, we might be soul mates but we need each other too much behind us to square off as partners do.

To my second roommate, thanks for being a cool roommate and not running off like I wanted to you to.  Thanks for understanding my life gets busy and making time for me when I take a breath.  I still have the picture of us that has our secrets in plain view.  Now get pregnant already because I’m tired of making you look good in pictures.

To my guy expert, thanks for being the coolest guy ever.  I want my boys to be like you.  Sorry you got run off.  Jealousy sucks.

To the lesbian, thanks for being a cool friend for a while.  I wish alcohol hadn’t taken you away.

To my first boss, thanks for being weird.

To my boss at GS, thanks for being Stanford to my Carrie.  Thanks for coming to my bachelorette party, you as well as My Beloved made it one of the best nights of my life.

To our handy man, thanks for teaching me the true meaning of WWJD.  I still use it.

To the Canadian girl, thanks for being there when I needed you.  You were an awesome friend.  You know you were the first person to see Tornado S.  Thanks for being a good sport with my dad.  Sorry about the idiot who broke us up.

To the bloggers I heart, thanks for sharing your lives.  For the ones who stopped, I miss you and wonder about you and your lives.  For those I still read, you are amazing women and I wish I read more.  Hell, I wish I could be like you all.

To my pen pal, thanks for the emails, the letters, the gifts.  Thanks for being my friend and writing a friendship that one day needs to be told.

To the mom of the twins, thanks for forcing wisdom at me.  You’re welcome for teaching you the “proper” way to yell at your kids.

To the mom of one of my favorite girls, thank you for being so terribly cool and inviting me to parties.

To the mom of the sweet girl, thanks for humoring me.  You can admit that I amuse you.

To the mom of the other of my favorite girls and Tornado S’s best friend, thanks for house hunting for me and insisting on making your house my home away from home.  Seriously we need to hang out more.

Thanks to the unicorn for the laughs, the emails, and the stickers.

To Wally’s little sis, thanks for being my confidant, even though you became it through default.  I’m super glad your sis tells you everything and that coolness runs in your family.

To the boy I keep up way too late, thanks for being who you are.  You’re pretty awesome.  Thanks for the conversations, the jokes, sticking with me, and going along with me on crazy schemes.  You changed my life.

To my boys, thanks for teaching me to enjoy the mornings.  Thanks for pushing me to be more patient and energetic.  Thanks for pushing me to be better than I am because I am your role model.


2 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. unicorn Says:

    Right back atcha babe!

    Thanks for your support thru my WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING stage!^$@$&(? I am so thankful to know you are witnessing this crazy life of mine. It’ll make a great romantic comedy movie someday. Here’s to glitter, stickers, and pie. *raises hoof*

  2. femspotter Says:

    And thank you too… 😀

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