Recap 12/2

1. Thank God December is here.  November was expensive with a car repair, new washing machine, a stolen wallet (with a lot a cash), and a God-only-knows-how-much medical bill.  I’m hoping for a cheaper month.

2. Tornado A is far too bright.  The kid picks up words fast.  He problem solves at an advance level.  Yesterday he brought my mom a diaper because he was wearing a wet one.  I think I need to feed him paste.

3. I made a mistake.  I told Tornado E he could have any book at the book fair.  He has Cadillac taste.  Did you know they had $20 books at book fairs?

4. Tornado S did his first take-home craft project.

5. I finally got around to volunteering for Tornado S’s class.  I love being with 4-year-olds.

6. Due to the book fair, I didn’t play librarian.  I played math tutor.  Luckily it was for first graders.  Why are they teaching first graders algebra?

7. It’s winter in the high desert.  Rain and cold.  I wish I had a gas fireplace.

8. I’m so hopped up on all my plans for the holidays.  And I even haven’t gotten around to figuring out this years ornament.  Hmmmm.  I better get on that.

9. Who are these insane people who decorate their houses for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving?!  I’m calling a Christian meeting.  We got to get a handle on this damn holiday.

10. I threatened the boys with homeschooling if they couldn’t get to school on time.  Hey, it’s better than the time I threatened to feed them to wolves.


2 Responses to “Recap 12/2”

  1. beth reed Says:

    Wow December was a bad month for you. Here is hoping this will be a better time and way less expensive. So sorry to hear about the stolen wallet and the hassle of dealing with all of the replacements. Did you get it back? I learned never to keep my SS card in my wallet because I need it to replace my DL at the DMV and it is hard to replace.
    have a great day and what kind of ornament are you doingN My theme this year is mini christmas trees.

  2. Elastamom Says:

    I always love your recaps. Seriously.

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