Recap 12/9

1. I found my ornament project!  Now to finish getting supplies and start.

2. I finally found the perfect gifts for a few friends.  I have to still find the perfect gift for one person. Their gifts will be late.  Happy Epiphany!

3. I escaped for several hours last Saturday.  (I love you, Kat!)  I forget that I’m on duty 24/7, often by myself, because I’m in the thick of it.

4. On St. Nicholas’s Day, Tornado A removed all the candies from his shoe, one by one, and replaced them back, one by one, several times.

5. Growing up in the clan these last few years has taught Tornado E to play along with jokes.  He would like two front teeth for Christmas.

6. After meeting with Tornado S’s teacher, we all can’t figure out if Tornado S is ambidextrous because he is and so his fine motor skills strength is lacking or is his fine motor skills strength lacking so he’s ambidextrous.  Where’s that chicken?  And egg?

7. Where are all the binkies?!?!?!?!?!?  I swear.  Tornado A’s hiding them.

8. Is Christmas around the corner?  Am I behind?  Am I ahead?  Or am I just confused?

9. My heaters keep going out, but since I can bring them back online in a half hour, no one is worries.  Except me.

10. I’m dreading holiday clothes shopping.  Because I have boys.  And I hate sweaters.  Oops, there goes all the options. Stupid stores.


6 Responses to “Recap 12/9”

  1. shoes Says:

    Your lists always make me laugh! I enjoy your blog and have given you the Versatile Blogger Award (details in my latest post) for you to do with as you wish. I hope some of my readers get a chance to check out your blog and enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂

  2. Ink Says:

    The binkies are on the ground. Or anywhere else that requires decontamination. Because that’s where the binkies always go. Sigh.

  3. court Says:

    CJ uses his bottle like a binky. At first I foolishly thought this was a good thing, because it would be larger and easier to find. I was not considering the plethora of diapers that come from constantly drinking a bottle.

  4. Elastamom Says:

    Having boys is the best, isn’t it? I’m hoping you feel better about Christmas…or ready at least.

  5. unicorn Says:

    You need to trademark “Binkies on the Ground”… it’s gold.

  6. Ink Says:

    LOL, Unicorn!

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