Hustle and Bustle

The Christmas recap

– Christmas specials.  I heart Shrek the Halls.

– A photo card site should not be down for 24 hours.  It should not take three trips to Target to get photo cards.  I should have had them out sooner.  At least I saved money in the deal.

– I have great uncles.  Dispensing out presents to the boys slowly throughout the night.  The fart putty though.  That was a little much.

– F-king (Enter The Clan name).  My cousin handed off his white elephant gift to someone to look at and then bolt out of the room.  The victim would hunt him down and hand the gift back.  It was hilarious to watch.  Until he gave it to Tornado E.  Now I have a two foot tall red Christmas tree candle.

– Homemade tamales.

– Me: D. It’s not that big of issue to get ice in your cup if you’re using tongs.

D: I’m not a woman.  (looks in my cup)  Three ice cubes.  Jesus.

Me: I’m drinking this for the caffeine, not the ice.

D: Then get some more sleep.

SIL: Here that, Fae.  D. just volunteered to take the boys for a weekend.

Me: He did!  Thanks, D.

D grumbles.

– Star meringues, holly, and haystacks.  What diet?

– Tornado A tackling and holding a teddy bear his size.

– 2am I finally finished being Santa.  I stargazed.

– Oops.  My mom forgot to give me my stocking stuffers.  A quick dash to fill the stocking with something in case the boys notice.

– The boys.  Christmas morning.  7:15 wake up call.

– Video of Christmas morning.

– Alas no caffeine dispenser with a year supply of caffeine from Santa.

– Cinnamon bread, pumpkin bread, banana bread, date-nut bread.

– My parents gave me a shovel, a hoe, and a rake.  My dad wrapped them.  Without a box.

– Mash potatoes.

– An hour on the organ.

– Boys were excited about every gift.  Even clothes.

– Hours of playing in imaginary lands.

– Two hours at a Chinese restaurant.  My brothers and I planned on dining and dashing.

– A gift card to Hot Topic and a sale on t-shirts.  Sweet.

One Response to “Hustle and Bustle”

  1. unicorn Says:

    an hour on the organ? you have an organ? I play I play!!

    fart putty. hahahaha. not surprised.

    I mailed a fishing pole to my cousin. what a stoopid present to buy. you should have seen the disaster of a box I MADE by contorting sheets of cardboard into a triangle. i’m a dumbass. note to self: only buy presents that can be MAILED in a pre-set container suitable for shipping. good grief.

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