Recap 12/30

1. Maybe you’ve noticed.  I took a mental vacation this week.  Just above the minimum got done.  No thank you notes.  No emails.  No blogging.  But almost all the presents are put away.

2. I’m coming out of it though.  I spent 30 minutes working on the garage.  And I’m eyeing my desk and my office walls.  How would one hang a bulletin board that is just cork?

3.  After 30 days of scrubbing my language back to G-rated, (Because PG language does not sound cute out of a 4 year old’s mouth) I slipped.  I have a toddler.  He repeats.  It was a stronger word than safe for PG.

4. Another successful movie night.  And when one mom suggested maybe one day she’ll host one and I replied I didn’t mind because I had the space and nothing to break, you could see her whole body sag in relief.

5. I have “made the biggest pile of leaves EVER,” which makes me “The Best Mommy In The Whole World.”  Until I wouldn’t let them play video games the next day, and then I was “The Worst Mommy In The Whole World.”  I want a plague.

6. My therapist does not get how cleaning and child raising takes all day.  She doesn’t have children.  Could you guess that?

7. Tornado E and Tornado S are thrilled with their ninjas, knights, and samurais.  I’m glad we decided to get them what they really wanted.  Though Christmas morning, Tornado E changed his list right before we went downstairs.  That’s cheating.

8.  Yes, I’m crazy enough to start shopping for next Christmas.  Several stocking stuffers were purchased on the 26th.

9. The guilt of not seeing or talking to several friends in a long while is eased since I have left several text messages and phone calls to get together with them.  Ha.  I’m not that big of a flake.  I knew it.

10. In one of the few conversations that I had with my mom that didn’t include nagging, yelling or shutting out, we have decided we really need to start on this Christmas thing much sooner.

Happy New Year!  Stay safe!  I will be doing my tradition, watching movies and filling out calendars.  Maybe I should add eating some sort of treat . . . .


One Response to “Recap 12/30”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Did your therapist really say that? Geesh.

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