Mama’s Boys

Opening up the back door of the truck.

Tornado A: MAMA!!!!

Me: Hey, Boo.

Tornado A: (arms out) MAMA!!!!

Me: (Getting him out of the car)  That’s quite a welcome.  You do know that I was in the front seat driving for the last five minutes, right?  You could see me.

As soon as he was in my arms, he hugged me tight.


I was teaching Tornado E Christmas carols.  We were singing together.  Their father joined in, humming.  Tornado E stopped singing.

Tornado E: Daddy, could you please stop making that noise?

Their father: But I was the only one singing on key.

Which is probably very, very true.  Not that it has stopped me from teaching the boys songs or singing them their lullabies or singing at church or in the car or in the shower or while I cook or while I’m listening to the radio with my dad or when I go to a 50s diner with my dad.

Tornado E: You were making noise.  You need to stop, so I can hear Mommy.  Mommy, can we do another song?


I was upstairs putting away towels when I heard their father say something.  I could only make out a mumble.

Tornado S: Ok! But we have to ask Mommy first!

Their father: I’m your Daddy.  You can ask me.  And I just told you it was ok.


Tornado S: No.  We should ask Mommy!


Returning from running a few errands, I walked into my parents house where they had been watching the boys so I could be a whirlwind and take a parenting breather.  Tornado A rushed at me, arms out.  I scooped him up.

Tornado A: MAMA!!!!

He hugged me tight.  I kissed his head.

Me: I missed you too.  It was only an hour, little dude.

Tornado A: MAMA!!!

He hugged me tighter.  My Dad walked in the room.  Tornado A gave him a harsh look.

Tornado A: MY MAMA!

My Dad: No. My Mama.

My Dad hugged me with Tornado A in my arms. Tornado  A shook his head with force.

Tornado A: MY MAMA!

My Dad: No. My Mama.

My Dad hugged me again.  Tornado A shook his head with more force.

Tornado A: MY MAMA!

My Dad: No. My Mama.

When my dad tried to hug me again, Tornado A reached out to push him away.

Tornado A: MY MAMA!!!

My Dad: (chuckling) That’s right.  Your Mama.  My daughter.


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