Recap 1/13

1. I’m losing my iron-clad stomach when dealing with sick children.  That can’t be good.

2. The problem with being sick on the weekend is ruining the weekend.  No fun activities, no missing school, no doing homework that will bite your butt in the days that come.

3. Food poisoning is not the best way to lose weight.

4. Tornado E has learned how fun sanding is.

5. Tornado S has worked hard to unlock The Emperor from the Star Wars Lego game.  I can hear that demented laughter now.

6. Today was the first day I used The Voice on Tornado A.  It worked.  My friend pointed out that it was my first time and that it worked.  We were both a little shocked.

7. Tornado E won a ticket jackpot at an arcade.  His first thought was to buy an army of small plastic skeleton warriors.  My first thought was no.

8. I went three days without caffeine.  I don’t want to do that again.  Of course, I don’t want food poisoning again either.

9. Those nail stickers.  Not impressed.  But I’m willing to try one more time.  I do have a second pack, so I might as well.

10. “Oh, Fae.  You work hard enough.  You work harder than anyone I know.  Now you need to work smarter, not harder.”  Oh, right.  Sometimes my best friend is so wise.


2 Responses to “Recap 1/13”

  1. Jane Says:

    Oh. Gawd. Food poisoning? The worst. Three days without caffeine? Good for you, but even worse (for me, anyway!) Hope you’re feeling yourself soon!

  2. Elastamom Says:

    Food poisoning is awful. I’m sorry you had to suffer through!!!

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