Crime and Punishment

Tornado E: Mommy!  I know what you can do to us when we lie!

Um.  What.  And more importantly, WHY?

Me: What do you think I should do to you when you lie?

Tornado E: You should put something yucky on our tongue.


Me: Like Tabasco sauce?

Tornado E: That or olive oil.

Me: How did you think of this?

Tornado E: K told me that’s what her daddy does.


Me: And why do you want to do this punishment?

Tornado E: Because it’s shorter than time out.

(The consequence for lying in my house is to stand with your nose to the corner for the length of time out.  A bit old school, but it works.)

Who said this kid wasn’t smart?

Their Father: Hmmm, maybe we should just take away video games for a week.

Tornado E: NO!!!  That won’t work at all!

Or it wouldn’t work for your plan, little man.

Me: Well.  I know.  Maybe we decide not to lie.  If you didn’t lie, you wouldn’t have to get punished.


Tornado E: MOMMY!!!  That’s a great idea!  Let’s do that!

Done and done.


3 Responses to “Crime and Punishment”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    Love it! Girl, I tell you the things these kids come up with.

  2. beth reed Says:

    That is so sweet. Kids are so smart these days. I ejoyed your post.

  3. Jane Says:

    LOL. I just love this!

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