Recap 2/10 Favorite Comments

1. What is exactly in here?- Postman as he took my box.

2. Me: Which shoes do-.  Tornado S: DARTH MAL!!!!

3. Cashier: Your son is so adorable.  The other one is too, but this one- he’s so cute.  Me: He’s a toddler.  He’s that cute so I don’t throttle him when he throws temper tantrums.

4. Friend: Two for Twilight. (Turns to me and sticks out her tongue.)  Happy Valentine’s Day!

5. Teacher: Tornado E is a very witty child.  He’s very bright.  He knows who he is.  That’s why I know you both are very bright.  You have very bright kids with defined personalities at young ages.  (My thought was “There are less strong-minded kids out there?!”)

6. Tornado A humming “The Imperial March” with Tornado S.

7. Tornado E: I don’t want you to go on the field trip.  I want Daddy to go!

8. Me: What am I going to wear on the field trip?  Tornado E:  I’ll help you!

9. When I got to the class room, Tornado E: MOMMYYYY!   My Mommy is driving on the field trip!

10. Tornado S: Mommy, are you thinking what I’m thinking?



2 Responses to “Recap 2/10 Favorite Comments”

  1. debut dad Says:

    “6. Aidan humming “The Imperial March” with Sean.”
    haha love it! 😛
    Maybe my son will hum that tune one day too?

  2. Ink Says:

    #2? LMAO!

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